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Turbinicarpus Records


As per 2015 label is not functional any more. No new submissions are accepted and all the remaining stock was left in Donetsk, Ukrainian city under Russian military occupation, and is now considered lost.

[2 JUN]
I'm starting to work on the new art-book based on the Catalogue of Ships from Homer's Iliad and I'm looking for someone willing to add the musical part to this future book. If anyone is interested please email me.

And several references (not to set up genre limitations but rather to explain what I'm looking for):
Arnold Dreyblatt's Who's Who In Central & East Europe 1933 [1] [2]
Michael Nyman's Drowning by Numbers
Alva Noto's Acronym
William S. Burroughs's Cut-Ups

And please help spread the word.

[19 FEB 2013]
Valvula magazine has published an interview with Capitan Pijama.

[27 DEC]
An interview with Tóth Kína Hegyfalu members with bits of backstage info on their album “Inner rooms” was published in the 21st edition of net magazine A Dead Spot of Light.

[15 OCT]
We've released the “Rooms & Trees” album by 'Sturmazdale' – an ambient/drone/modern classical/experimental/field recording project by Ross Baker and Craig Gillman.


[17-21 SEP]
Our package for Busukyangbernanah's “3:01” made it to the finals of “Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2012” and will be on display next week at M17 Contemporary Art Center in Kyiv.

[13 SEP]
We are giving away lot's of CDs for free - be sure to check them out.

[31 AUG]
We've released the new album of an Italian project “Le Cose Bianche” called “Mattatoio a conduzione singola” – a great mixture of trip hop and industrial.

Le Cose Bianche

[2 AUG]
We happily present you a new album by Hungarian experimental project Tóth Kína Hegyfalu called “Inner rooms” - a fine piece of academical electronic music.

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu

[30 MAY]
We've released an album of Indonesian harsh minimalism and abstract soundscapes by Busukyangbernanah and also have introduced a package that was specifically designed to support music sharing.


[15 MAR]
We've released the first album of an Italian IDM-project Exsiderurgica.


[9 MAR]
Rudawoda's “Wiatr” was reviewed by Stephen Fruitman for Igloomag.

[30 JAN]
We've released an anthology of Mexican kraut-techno by Capitan Pijama & The Fluorescent Detectives.

[8 JAN 2012]
We've have been posting in our twitter drawings, made for our next release, for some time already – and we'll keep doing that (one-drawing-a-day) till the release date. Be sure not to miss 'em!

[23 DEC]
A big interview with Gamardah Fungus project and a review of their latest album “Celestial Funerals” was published in the 16th edition of net magazine A Dead Spot of Light.

[29 OCT]
A track from our latest release was featured in «Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone» radio-show on BBC Radio 6. Listen to the whole show here.

[6 OCT]

Samuel Uffus & Cage Cabarrett

Our 17th release: “Shambala Shambala” by Samuel Uffus & Cage Cabarrett.
This electroacoustic improvisational jam session features two Portuguese experimental musicians and is dedicated to the Macaense people and their culture, being a mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultures.

[8 SEP]
Our new release: live ambient improvisation “Wiatr” by Rudawoda and O. Lubencov.
In an industrial city in southern Ukraine, in the downtown, factory drains flow. People call them "Ruda woda" (The red river). RudaWoda is a symbol of the toxic polluted water, which gets into the drinking water supplies and makes people rusty from the inside…

[23 JUN]
Our new release: “Celestial Funerals” by Gamardah Fungus.
The third long-play by “Gamardah Fungus” (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) is named after a common funerary practice in Tibet, wherein a human corpse is cut in specific locations and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to birds of prey. The government of China prohibited the practice (which it considered barbaric) in the 1960s but started to allow it again in the 1980s. This practice is considered to be not only honorable but also the only acceptable by many Tibetans.
This album takes its origins in the admiration that Gamardah Fungus musicians feel for Tibetan spirit and traditions. Main theme from "Celestial Funerals" was performed by their friend and colleague Tenzin Sambu.
Genre borders have expanded since the duo's previous work. Besides the ambient atmosphere, brown noise and keyboards this record features the sounds of meditative drums, movie samples and self-made instruments, including waterphone and kalimba. In general, all the five tracks on this album can be described as a mixture of funeral doom and dark ambient.

[11 JUN]
From now on you can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our new releases & sales & whatever.

[5 MAY 2011]
Our next release Savas "Savas".
The only album of a lo-fi project from Kharkiv, Ukraine; a perfect soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic steampunk movie.

[15 NOV]
Turbinicarpus records happily presents the first ever music release for robots.
Has your robot party become boring? Are your robotic guests rolling to and fro with sad dashboards? Is Hedonism Bot already leaving? Play some sparkling robo-disco from 0xBAADF00D and Turbinicarpus records to your shiny metal friends and terabytes of robo-fun are guaranteed!

[27 SEP]
Latest catalogue update.

[3 AUG]
Our new release: “Two Hemispheres, Two Worlds” by Gamardah Fungus.
This is the second release by “Gamardah Fungus” duo from Dnipropetrovsk.
Two Hemispheres, Two Worlds – this seems to be the best characteristics of the album material: 5 tracks built on contrasts. A quiet twanging that occasionaly drowns in noise overload. And this time it contains not only traditional guitar solos and ambient landscapes, but also church hymns, mysterious voices from the other world and even a Turkish vocalise…

[15 JUL]
A new release on Turbinicarpus Records: "Meld5" by Lezet.
Lezet is one-man experimental project from Serbia with over 70 releases on various net-labels and MELD is the series of Lezet’s albums on which he explores the possibilities of remote collaborations with avantgarde artists form all over the world. We are glad to bring you the fifth volume in these series.
Tags: electronic, experimental, avantgarde, improvisation, ambient, IDM, ethereal.

[16 JUN]
Good news: from now on we accept PayPal payments.

[14 JUN]
Be sure to check out the new video for “T.rans A.tlantic R.age” song 'Terri Tuba Has Hesitant Loose Laces' from 'Hobo Jazz Vol. 2' album.

[18 MAR]
Turbinicarpus Records presents a new CD of experimental electronics by Cage Cabarrett (Lisbon, Portugal).
CAGE CABARRETT are Rubina Góis and André Faustino. They are the "musical dice players" (Musikalisches Würfelspiel); the followers of John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhauzen, Pierre Boulez and Witold Lutosławski; the "random" music performers; the explorers of aleatoric music…

[25 JAN 2010]
It's time for our next release, a new album by Italian experimental ambient / trip-hop band Malameccanica.

[27 NOV]
Till the end of the year 2009 we'll be selling cds from our distro list at $1 per item (shipping not included). Happy holidays.

[26 NOV]
This Saturday, Nov 28, listen to Submatukana's “Dangerous Tests” on NTNS radioshow on Stillstream-radio. The show starts at 8:00 am by UTC (2:00 am Chicago-Mexico, 3:00 am New York, 5:00 am Brasilia, 6:00 am Buenos Aires, 8:00 am London-Lisbon, 9:00 am Amsterdam-Madrid-Paris, 10:00 am Kyiv, 11:00 am Moscow, 4:00 pm Beijin, 5:00 pm Tokio, 7:00 pm Canberra).
The show is repeated 12 hours later on the French radio station A stranger Paradise. Have fun!

[21 NOV]
German dj phu2 has made a great multitrack mix featuring 4 tracks from our releases.

[30 SEP]
Submatukana's album is now available in mp3 from Don't miss the chance to buy the CD if you like this album — we've got one last copy left.

[25 SEP]
The Goosegoosigagaga's album “Geee Gooo Giii” is now available in mp3 from

[12 SEP]
This month we'll be uploading our early releases in mp3 to Today is “Deathorientation”'s turn. Enjoy!

[15 AUG]
A double CD of experimental jazz by “T.rans A.tlantic R.age” from PA, USA has been released.

[12 JUN 2009]
A new noise-jazz album of one-man-project “The Cats' Orchestra” from Kiev, Ukraine has been released. Check it out!

[24 DEC]
We have started working on an experimental noise compilation. Contact us, send your craziest demo-recordings. We need you!

[9 OCT]
We've released a début CD by Ukrainian breakcore-industrial-drone project “Submatukana”. Enjoy!

[15 MAR 2008]
An avant-garde CD “Turbinicarpus Compilation #1”, that initially was meant to be our first release, is finally available for purchase.

[24 MAY]
Hao! “Between the Sky and Shit” by DEATHORIENTATION has been released. See releases!

[1 MAY]
“Geee Gooo Giii” by THE GOOSEGOOSIGAGAGA has been released. See releases.

[6 MAR 2007]
Hail folks. Our site gradually begins to perform. The first release is in progress. It will be a compilation of acoustic and instrumental avant-garde.

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