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Between the Sky and Shit

Deathorientation "Between the Sky and Shit" / TBC002

This is an illustration of horrible nightmares of an approaching desease, recorded using prepared tape recorders, radio receivers and soviet EMI. Package is made of solid cardboard and coloured with water-colours. Welcome to the nightmare…

Artwork inside the package by Natalia Abashina.

Release Date: May 23rd, 2007

1. Chapter I Something Black, Part I (1:15)
2. Chapter I, Part II (2:03)
3. Chapter II Girl Like a Fish, Part I (3:04)
4. Chapter II, Part II (2:40)
5. Chapter II, Part III (0:35)
6. Chapter II, Part IV (3:47)
7. Chapter II, Part V (3:33)
8. Chapter II, Part VI (0:12)
9. Chapter III Colouring Books' Seller, Part I (4:26)
10. Chapter III, Part II (1:03)
11. Chapter III, Part III (4:20)
12. Chapter III, Part IV (3:15)
13. Chapter IV There's No Tragedy at All (10:05)

We have run out of stock, but this CD is still available from Marginal Buff and MND.

Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available at

The following Deathorientation album is available here.