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Submatukana "dAngerous tesTs" / TBC005

About Submatukana

Sound is our structure, movement our main component.
We are not motion of the body, but rather motion of the mind. Our abstract unreality is a deeper existence, which lives in the digital world, crashing spiritual substance down onto the concrete earth from the skies. It is a narrative of sounds, developing into completed forms through our conceptual performances in this theatre of absurdity we know as the world around and inside us. Yet through the swirling chaos lies strict logic at its core.
Percussion and rhythm-section – fire and ice – visualizations of music, spiritual seduction of the unprepared mind, by Igor Yalivetz and Yuri Kupriyanov, creators of Submatukana: the pseudo-hallucinogenic Castaneda never discovered.
Experimenting with anything and everything, harsh IDM and latent noise, it is a romantic chaos of postindustrialism and improvisation.
Tune into the path towards your darker self.

Novomoskovsk – Dnipropetrovsk – Donetsk, 2008.

Release Date: October 9th, 2008

01. NS1
02. NS2
03. EX001
04. EX002
05. EX003
06. Gods R Not Pleased With Us
07. Joshua
08. Phobia
09. Kube
10. Your Dream

Total Playtime: 1:10:35

We have run out of stock, but this CD is still available at Marginal Buff and MND.

Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available at


SUBMATUKANA — DANGEROUS TESTS (CDR by Turbinicarpus Records)
'Sound is our structure, movement our main component' says Submatukana on the cover of their self-titled release. Its a duo of Igor Yalivetz and Yuri Kupriyanov, who use some computer, kaos pad, electric guitar to create music that relies heavily on the rhythms. Rhythms that are borrowed from the world techno, but fed through sound effects which add an industrial feel to the music. This is music in which the rhythm is the glue of the music and everything else is ornament. This is not music that you can easily dance too. Also its not always structured as promised on the cover. A piece like 'EX 003' for instance derails easily in an extensive use of the kaos pad. But throughout its pretty tight music. I am reminded of some latter day Esplendor Geometrico, with whom they seem to share a similar interest in harsh rhythm combined with piercing noise, but still remaining to sound pretty accessible. Maybe a bit long in total, and maybe some of the pieces are a bit long in itself, but otherwise a pretty fine release.

Frans de Waard
Published at Vital Weekly (650th issue)

originally released in 2008, on cd, these dAngerous tesTs of the ukrainian duo Submatukana, testify of a creativity in absolute profusion - not a single micro-second without you may feel that the clamps are released without restriction in a fluctuating tangle on high generative tension - it is almost impossible to get rid, and also unrealistic to try.

Thierry Massard