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The Cats' Orchestra  - Vortex / TBC007

The Cats' Orchestra "Vortex" / TBC007

The Cats' Orchestra - VortexAny music in its true understanding relies on sculpturality. By true understanding, we mean harmony and right sound distribution of all possible instruments and materials in a random order.
Words as such possess the same strength and meaning as other sound-production methods. That is, a meaningful text is mere poetry. Or, to be more specific, music loses its meaning when words gain it.
What is music? Following Pound, we can understand it as “a mist over swamps”. Or follow Brzeska and see it as segregation of planes.
What should music look like? This question makes sense only if raised post factum.
Music can be built from any material at hand. Should we reduce music to the orchestra pit, we will reduce the hearing. Music and singing (i.e., pronouncing a meaningful text) can be combined only if our aim is entertainment.
Music plus words equals entertainment.
Music plus words does not equal music.
Music does not depend on time and place. Time becomes a plane. Time does not exist as an idea, an external force, as eternity.
Any change of the existing soundtrack is a rejection of music as such. Entertainment may have either negative or positive quality. Music does not have any quality. Music is a process of changing. Music is a dialog between you-and-me.
The album was recorded in 10 days in Kiev.

Release Date: June 12th, 2009

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1. Adiaphoria
2. Cosmic Sculpture
3. Cold
4. Your right leg is in love with your left
5. I'll draw you and leave you

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The Cats' Orchestra