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T.rans A.tlantic R.age - Hobo Jazz / TBC008

T.rans A.tlantic R.age "Hobo Jazz Vol. 1 & 2" / TBC008

T.rans A.tlantic R.age - Hobo Jazz

Turbinicarpus Records (Donetsk, Ukraine) proudly presents the double CD of experimental jazz performed by T.rans A.tlantic R.age (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA).

T.rans A.tlantic R.age (T.A.R.) is an explosion of panic beyond control, unorthodox experiments in all the genres to breakthrough beyond style borders, an independent musician from US who now turned to jazz.

'Hobo Jazz' usually refers to music performed by street musicians, homeless hobos, people of the Road. Banjo, double bass and a harp, american folk jazz, ragtime blues, music that first of all makes happy it's performers and sometimes brings a couple of bucks or an extra plate of counter-Pythagorean beans.

Hobo Jazz by T.A.R. is an interpretation of musician's emotions who by chance saw a hobo jazz band jammin' out in NY subway. That moment, image, sound, and emotion stuck with him and more then 10 years later became an album.

It's a surreal interpretation of own experience, which combines both classic and new waves of jazz: guitar noise, soul, improvisation, samples from Billy Holiday & Charles Mingus. Volume 2 is a bit different — no more samples, add vocals and extra instruments instead, sequences and moods change but the main concept stays the same.

Release Date: August 15th, 2009
Price: $5 (€4)


Vol. 1:
1. The Art Of Style
2. Ah Tuba Ah Tuba Tuba
3. Transducer
4. People Say The Darndest Things
5. Don't Be Afraid
6. Mellocool
7. Happy Hobo Parade
8. The Theme Song To The Cartoon (A Happy But Intense Hobo)
9. Sadness And Sorrow Of A Hobo But His Revenge Will Come Into Play Later
10. O'Henry
11. The Difference Between Your Instinct And An Anxiety
12. A Pretty Slick Hobo
13. The Man With The Red Beard Jesus Saa Buddah Moses Mohammed Or Somebody
14. Say Nothing
15. A Realm In An Open Interpretation

Общая длительность: 1:12:48

Vol. 2:
1. Too Much Bump And Go Not Enough Flow
2. What Do I Need To Do To Get Some Mashbaataeta's Up In This Joint
3. Terri Tuba Has Hesitant Loose Laces
4. Schfaatzdidusay?
5. Bold Faced Weezle
6. A Patient Climbing Descent With Repent
7. Bent Slants Of Wood Hoymin's Oil Boil
8. Marching Towards Splitting Hair's Over Split Pea Soup
9. Chicken Lip Turtle Toe Soup A Hobo's Delight
10. Curbside Filthy Filthy Animal
11. Dilly Dally Around The Bushes For Some Cushions
12. Goddamit!!!! Terri Tuba Is Lost Again For The First Time!
13. Stink! Stank! Stunk! Grunk! A Hobo Named Lucky 13

Общая длительность: 1:14:42

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Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available from Vol 1 и Vol 2.

This material is about runaway phone call making total changes. You pick up the phone and out comes the grievance. You're slipping into abyss full of tripped grotesque and quaintly-costumed jazzy sounds and effects, where your thoughts roam free of the trammels of precision.
Each track is a kind of question with answer glimmering elusively through.
Each track is a face that smiles, apes grimaces, pulls it's mouth askew and transforms.
Each track is totally identifiable until you find yourself discovering it's invisibility.
There is not the ghost of a demagoguery in this music, only lucid harshness of author's attitude. Jazz shapes rubs shoulders with avant-garde painting, experiments with trip-hop waves, grotesque mimic with calm water.
Listening to the certain song you can firstly percept it in some pejorative way and the very next moment feel a profound despair. «Hobo Jazz» seems to be looking more like a product of uncontrolled nature. And that gives fantastic results.
Apart from everything else this music hates dead-pan topography of one's mind. To put it differently, it finds you while shortcutting through the scene where «no one dies in particular» (W. H. Auden) and transforms your myopic pace into a mix of feelings and nerves that not leads but spreads you everywhere.
Fuck the chatter.

Nikolay Syrov