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Malameccanica "Noli Tangere" / TBC009

-This music has it's own life. I'm trying to say that you will not find yourself familiar with "Noli Tangere". There is a distance between you and the music (a really greasy road sometimes). But even feeling this distance with your skin, you understand that your mind and the tape noises are sticked together. It's a quite strange situation but it is the way it goes.

-This music is quite noisy but not riotous. It does not screech. It does shimmer like a yellow octopus in ancient water.

-The singer is not really a singer. He's more a herald with a tremendous conviction in a voice. You may think that the words are just a dazzle paint for the music but then you get a perfect sign that it makes music really unfathomable.

-No, no time for logomachy.

-This mix of italian wave and contemporary noise and electroacoustics gives your wits the opportunity to look and to see something more underneath all-around things. Why? Coz' it deals not with a warped reality but with an intermittent pulse, flagging and melting until you get a refuge in a perfect glee.

-There are many ways to describe how the person thrusts in a puke on the platform and there is the only way not to tell that.

Release Date: January 25th, 2010
Price: $5 (€4)

01. ECT
02. L'Abate D.
03. Mariva decadence
04. St. Vincent
05. Ed e una cosa che brucia
06. Astragalo
07. Da ieri a oggi
08. Torrino
09. Monti di provincia
10. Da ieri a oggi (remix)

Total Playtime: 0:30:51

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Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available at

Recorded and mixed between October and November 2009 in de LecosebiancheStudio, Arezzo.
Music composed and arranged by Malameccanica.
All words were written by Gio.

“Da ieri a oggi (remix)” was produced by Pietro Tripano.
Artwork by Gio.

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