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Cage Cabarrett

Cage Cabarrett "__________" / TBC010

Turbinicarpus Records (Donetsk, Ukraine) presents a new CD of experimental electronics by Cage Cabarrett (Lisbon, Portugal).

Music must give birth to Orgasm and Revolution.

CAGE CABARRETT are Rubina Góis and André Faustino. They are the "musical dice players" (Musikalisches Würfelspiel); the followers of John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhauzen, Pierre Boulez and Witold Lutosławski; the "random" music performers; the explorers of aleatoric music…

CAGE CABARRETT explore notions of indeterminacy in art, aleatoric music and intuitive improvisation. Musicians use the unpredicted performance to dissolve any fixed properties of music sound into a fluid process and break with the traditional control of the composer over the material.

All sounds have equal value: sounds chosen by the composer, by the performer, and all the unforeseen and unpredictable sounds that surround us every day. The extremest experiments and randomization-based ideas are welcome. Each track is one unrepeatable livetake with no mixes or overdubs.

CAGE CABARRETT take seriously the sounds that stick to eternity and use a great number of musical machinery: antique analogue synthesizers, such as Korg MS-20 from 1978, classical Roland SH 101 and legendary YAMAHA CS-5, a radio, a theremin and other vintage devices. It sounds like "________!"

It does not pay to describe music with words and it's definitely useless to describe semi-random music of elusive shape. Music on this CD has wrong geometry, it comes from another dimensions, where the sum of triangle's angles never equals 180 degrees. That's why CAGE CABARRETT warn about possible consequences of this interrogation into acoustic perception.

WARNING: If you have or had any kind of psychological problems, heart problems or hearing loss, do not suddenly start listening to this cd without first consulting your doctor. You may experience headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, mental confusion, nausea and blurred vision as your body adjusts to the sound’s frequencies. Use caution engaging in activities requiring alertness and working with machinery. Extreme sound loudness may cause permanent loss of hearing. This cd should be used only if clearly needed during pregnancy. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding. The possibility for adverse (good) effects to the infant exists.

“There is no such thing as experimental music … but there is a very real distinction between sterility and invention”. Boulez

Hidden Cage

Release Date: March 18th, 2010

01. ElectroMagnetic Momentum
02. Machine Viscerale
03. Evoked Potentials (hybrid)
04. Evoked Potentials (signal-to-noise ratio)
05. Evoked Potentials (contingent negative variations)
06. 10mg
07. Phenotypic Integration in an Aquatic Isopod
08. MonoScope X3
09. Xat #001

Total Playtime: 1:10:38

All the CDs are sold out but the full album in mp3 192 kbps is available for download from

Discovered Cage

Thanks to Yurek Yakubov for the great collage and to [info]raskol for the text above.