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Capitan Pijama

Capitan Pijama & The Fluorescent Detectives "Following An Invisible Track: An Intriguing Anthology" / TBC018

Capitan Pijama started his musical activities in 1980s in Mexico with forming a band called ‘Los Pijamas A Go-Go’ – a little bit of techno pop on dada. It was followed by ‘El Escuadron Del Ritmo’ with its live dark dramas and ‘Groovy People And The Love Freaks’, a neo-hippie-spaced out- prog kind of thing. His current project – ‘Los Detectives Fosforescentes’ – offers a psychedelic blend of techno and kraut-rock.

Release Date: January 30th, 2012
Price: $5 (€4)

01. Let’s Go Dragon Hunting

02. You Have A Phone Call From Mars

03. Knock Him Down!

04. With Aspic Feels Better Baby

05. I Asked For A Mojito, Not A Mojo

06. Sometimes You Should Just Quit

07. You Are My Sexy Little Lizard

08. Robotic Serenade

09. Saraba

10. Mandrake Juice

11. Damn, We Are Hot!

Total Playtime: 1:05:51

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Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available at

Huge thanks to all the visitors of a certain venue for drawing the retablos for this release's packages and to LXXXV for the 'wild paper'.