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Busukyangbernanah "3.01" / TBC020

Indonesian harsh minimalism and abstract soundscapes.

The package was specifically designed to support music sharing. Each unit consists of 3 tear-off envelopes, each one with its own copy of the CD. So all you need to do is to to tear off one of the envelopes and share it with somebody.

Release Date: May 30th, 2012
Price: $5 (€4)
















Total Playtime: 0:45:15

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Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available at

Package is also available in b&w version: Busukyangbernanah Busukyangbernanah

Busukyangbernanah 3.01 (2012)
(Indonesia; Noise, Minimalist, Experimental)
15 Tracks (3 x 1CDr Turbinicarpus) -_-_- (45:00),

In some respect it would be fair to state that the composition is by no means conclusive. The general absence of a consistent musical conception, the overall variation or rather emphasis on experimentation, is not reflected through the actual design of the release. As outlined in the description above, '3.01' can only be acquired in a version of three CDs, each with the same content but with a different cover; 3, 0, 1. The idea behind it being that music is not only to be parcelled through the means of experience and expression but also in the sense of an artefact, which can be distributed freely and without any infringement of the copyright or some other kind of limitation.

In its own merits this is a nice idea with a certain emphasis of encouraging the idea of sharing music and overcoming the hoarding of releases for the mere purpose of doing so. Yet, the actual way in which this had been executed is not satisfying. Unlike some disks that require two players for the listener in order to experience it in its fullest, such is not the case here, due to the emphasis summed up above. What happens with the art once this 'passing over' from one person to another has/d been established? Is there a chance to see this process happen another time and another and another? It can be doubted. It would have been more interesting to see each CD with a different or a variation of the 'overall' content, in order to encourage the exchange of the artefacts and to overcome the aspect of collecting them. Maybe a flash drive, which would reveal a different content with each access would be interesting as well.

Aside from the rather peculiar design of the release, the music itself is also anything but normal. Fifteen times three minutes, exactly (!) three minutes, are offered here and it is strange how the listener is thrown to and fro between a variety of sound concepts and without much time to grasp or even to understand them. Each of the compositions presents a new take on the noise genre. Often minimalist and consisting of only one texture, then aggressive; occasionally hypnotic, rarely pleasant and in some respect surprisingly conservative. Busukyangbernanah no idea on how to pronounce this properly present a small glimpse on the conceptual richness of the noise genre. All of the compositions are actually too short to fascinate in a long run, but might give those a first impression, whose ordinary focus tends to be of a more normal kind. Three minutes are not much when it comes to properly elaborate the motives and arrangement, but it is possible to shed light on the sounds, the atmospheres and in some respect also the peculiarities of the noise universe.

Buy this release and share it with friends. Open to them this strange realm a lot of bands tend to wander in these days and spark their interest in this genre. This CD wants waits to be spread distributed... thrown among the people.

Limited to 15 copies.

Review taken from 'a dead spot of light (Number 20)', written by oneyoudontknow.
Released under: Creative Commons license: Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany