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Tóth Kína Hegyfalu

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu "Inner Rooms" / TBC021

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu are two Hungarian experimental musicians and visual artists - Kinga Toth and Gergely Normal. Former members of “BrillenBagage” and “Orbondonor” projects took the name “Tóth Kína Hegyfalu” after a mistake on the posters of the festival they were to take part in. We happily present you their new album “Inner rooms” - a fine piece of academical electronic music, compared by reviewers to Bartok's chamber music and Stockhausen's “Inori” and “Telemusik” cycles.

Kinga Toth: singer, poet, illustrator

Gergely Normal: guitar, keyboard, painter, visual artist

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu

Release Date: August 2nd, 2012
Price: $8 (€6)

01. Entrance

02. Mantra

03. Barbarity

04. Gouge

05. Drowsy

06. Prevision

07. Omen

08. Last Piano

09. Erratic

10. Prey

11. Blue Bird

12. Glasses

13. Rhyme

Total Playtime: 0:43:21

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Full album in mp3 192 kbps is available at

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu

Tóth Kína Hegyfalu